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Tooth Extraction

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Tooth Extraction

Getting a tooth pulled can be a stressful experience at any age. At Platinum Dental we want to make sure you or your child feels comfortable and at ease. Getting a baby tooth pulled is usually the simplest form of tooth extraction and may be needed to allow an eager adult tooth room to come in. 

If an adult tooth needs to be pulled it is usually due to trauma damage, decay, or overcrowding. If your tooth is extracted because of damage or decay, you can trust Platinum Dental to repair the surrounding area and help fit you a replacement tooth, so you can look and feel as good as new.

What to expect during a tooth extraction

Before any tooth is extracted, we will numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic injection, so you will not feel any pain during the extraction. An application of pressure and rocking the tooth back and forth with forceps usually gets the job done. If the tooth is broken, it will be removed in pieces. Each extracted tooth needs to be removed from the bone and the attached ligament in order to prevent more damage or infection. 

Recovering from

Tooth Extraction

  • Recovery can vary depending on the reason for and location of the removed tooth, but typically lasts between 7-10 days
  • You may experience a small amount of bleeding up to 24 hours after extraction
  • Start out by eating soft or liquid foods until you can chew comfortably without pain

Follow Platinum Dental’s personal recovery plan for you. Call us today. 

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